DPA Denver Pale Ale by Great Divide

Photobucketwell everyone i have an exciteing announcement to make about this post, this post marks

the 100th review!

and i can’t find anymore of a fitting beer to review for this than this one, the Denver pale ale, I’ve never tried it but the name alone just screams of what my blog was founded for, local Colorado brewerys.

DPA is a really nice pale ale, its not too overly bitter and the hops taste fantastic. Theres not a lot of complexity to this beer but who cares, its a nice mild and great tasting pale ale, which is actually somewhat hard to find. I’d rate this one up there with 5 barrel or pass time. I wouldn’t quite say the hops are as good but there up there. One thing i really like about this beer too is the smell, it smells great, i always say IPAs and pale ales are the best smelling beers and this one has a nice aroma of hops, its really nice. Theres a small amount of bitterness but theres a little nip of malt in the middle that kills it for the most part, theres still a little bitter though.

DPA Denver Pale Ale by Great Divide (8.2/10)


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