Mocha Porter by Rogue

PhotobucketI was trying to remember which beers by rogue were recommended to me but i decided to just go with there porter, since there my favorite beer usually i can’t go wrong.

I’ll say it right off this is another fairly bitter beer, but on a porter this is actually a very unique approach for a beer as malty as a porter. The Mocha taste really comes though because of the bitterness, in the aftertaste the mocha and the bitter kind of mix together for this great aftertaste flavor. I think this beer also really complements a cigarette if you happen to smoke. The coffee components of the Mocha flavor come through the most with a very little bit of chocolate taste, its there though. Wile i appreciate the unique bitter approach to a porter i think that this one is just a little too bitter for me to drink it regularly.

Mocha Porter by Rogue (6.9/10)

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