Corona Extra by Cerveceria Modelo

Corona was the first beer i ever really remember seeing as a kid, i grew up in intercity north side Denver and we had a bunch of rotten bastards that lived next to us in our duplex and they would almost nightly cover our lawn with Corona bottles, needless to say broken glass in your feet when your a kid is always fun. Given today’s date, I’ll celebrate it with a little south of the boarder treat, if you wanna call it that.

Corona is regarded by most people as a pretty good beer, i disagree. Corona has a pretty good lager flavor but immedately after is was washed away by this odd sweetness the beer has. The beer is also extremely light and has very little fizz for how light it is. It isn’t as grainy as most of our domestics but its almost just as mild. It leaves a lager taste in your mouth for the aftertaste and the sweetness just sticks around. The more you drink the less you taste as well, that is except for its sweetness.

Corona Extra by Cerveceria Modelo (3.7/10)


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