Springboard Ale by New Belgium

PhotobucketSpringboard by New Belgium is a mix of 2 ales almost completely a brew made with wormwood, lycium and schisandra and 2% ale in oak berrels. Its interesting its brewed with wormwood because thats the hallucinogenic in absinthe.This beer has a wierd balance of flavor, one of the flavors almost tastes like its from India (apparently its from china). This beer is pretty decent, its well balanced but the odd flavors just throw me off i think. Its also a little light for me. It feels like a lot of the flavor thats there has been filtered too much too. Theres a bit of lime like taste throughout most of the flavor. It has a really odd sweet finish too right before the aftertaste, its like grainy sweet, its kinda nice. However i will say this, for a spring beer i think this one is great, but i usually don’t like spring beers, its more the style i don’t like than anything.

Springboard Ale by New Belgium (6.9/10)


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