Blue Heron Pale Ale by Mendocino Brewing Co.

This is a nice light pale ale with a different approach to the hops. The hops don’t come on immediately and you mostly get the bitterness rather than the primary flavor of the hops but the bitterness actually really isn’t bitter at all, its completely settled down by malt but you can still taste it which its pretty cool. The hops almost have an olive taste to them its quite good. This is such a odd pale ale because it had some mild sweet hops in it, they really don’t stand out but if your looking for them you’ll taste them. The aftertaste is a very mild hoppy taste thats not bitter. This is a pretty good pale ale but its very mild, it doesn’t really have alot of the normal flavors associated with it, its still good though however i wish the hops came though just a tad bit more. Another awesome thing was this beer was originally Brewed back in 1985, the year i was born!

Blue Heron Pale Ale by Mendocino Brewing Co. (8.2/10)


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