Sweaty Betty Blonde by Boulder Beer

Betty is a very light beer it reminds me alot of a really good belgian beer, except for one thing, theres no spices. The beer enters your mouth with a very light almost wheat beer flavor. This beer is deffnately easy drinking, but it almost feels watered down, or overly filtered. The fizz to this beer almost makes it feel like there might be spices in it, but there hardly there if they are. This beer seriously makes me crave a white rascal, this beer isn’t quite a wheat beer but it tastes like one and makes me want one.

Sweaty Betty Blonde by Boulder Beer (7.3/10)

2 thoughts on “Sweaty Betty Blonde by Boulder Beer

  1. James says:

    I’ve never tried white rascal, how would you rate it?

    • jgammeter says:

      White rascal is one of the best attempts at a Belgian wit that’s made in America IMO. When you have the real deal with it compared side by side its not nearly as good.

      Its worth a try if you can get it, i think its most likely my favorite Wheat beer that I’ve found in the US.

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