Lucky 13 by Lagunitas

This is a pint i found out in tempe also that i don’t have where i live. Lucky 13

L13 is according to the bottle a red ale but it’s completely different from any other red ale I’ve had. This beer is hella hoppy, its dry hoped too but it has a very mild malt wash but the dry hops are really in your face the whole time. This beer comes on hoppy then kind of washes away for a few seconds before you get a medium wash of bitterness for the aftertaste. Considering the amount of hops in this beer its not as bitter as you’d except. It also has a bit of fruit flavor in it right before the bitterness takes hold. This red ale is extremely unique because reds usually don’t have this level of hops, and the hops arn’t too bitter, which is nice too. Calling this beer a red feels off because the flavor screams dry hopped IPA, but i haven’t heard about many of those.

Lucky 13 by Lagunitas (8.6/10)

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