Pale Moon by Blue Moon

This pale ale is extremely mild, theres a hint of orange at the end. It’s very light, but isn’t lacking in flavor. The orange really comes though, the hops really don’t. For a pale ale you can hardly taste the hops, making this good for people who don’t want to be overwhelmed by hops. According to the bottle its brewed with Hibiscus, which i think mellows out the hops alot, the hops taste like there floral and that works well with the hibiscus. This is certainly a smooth beer, and i really like the taste as you let it just sit in your mouth, however when you swallow it you get a kind of off taste. This pale ale is very complex for a pale ale, which i can’t decide if i like or not. Wile it doesn’t have the best hops it makes up for it with complexity so i’m really on the fence weather or not i like it, regardless I’d recommend trying it.

Pale Moon by Blue Moon (7.3/10)


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