Boston Lager by Sam Adams

Back after a short hiatus to the web page! Funds haven’t allowed me to review anything lately.

Boston lager is a fairly common beer, you’ll see it almost anywhere in America which is nice because this is a really good beer. This lager is wonderful because its not pure skunk like most of its European counterparts. It features this really wonderful balanced malt taste that goes with hard to find skunk flavor. The aftertaste is dominated by the malt and it leaves a nice mild aftertaste. The beer enters your mouth with a bit of hop flavor but its extremely mild, this is nothing like a pale ale. The skunk you’d expect from a lager really doesn’t exist that much in this beer, there’s a lot of other flavors going on that blend well with it though. This lager is really fantastic.

Boston Lager by Sam Adams (9.2/10)

One thought on “Boston Lager by Sam Adams

  1. ChipperDave says:

    Just found your site. I’m a fellow beer blogger up in Greeley. Looks like you’ve sampled a lot of the same beers I have due to our locale. Keep up the good work.

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