American Amber Ale by Rogue

Rogue American amber is extremely bold. Bold is what I’ve come to expect from Rogue, so its no surpise there. This beer’s bitterness isn’t as strong as i was expecting, i think the porter was actually more bitter. This beer has some pretty dry hoppy taste to it that you would expect a very strong bitterness from but its cool down by the malts. The aftertaste is dry from the hops, so you can tell they where there, but the malt successfully took out the bitterness. This is a pretty good rogue beer, i find it a lot more drinkable than most of the other one I’ve tried from them. On top of that this is a pretty decent amber ale, i’d like to get a 6 pack and enjoy it for a night, i have a feeling the more you drink of this bad boy the better it’s gonna get.

American Amber Ale by Rogue (7.6/10)

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