Hop Devil Ale by Victory

Hop devil is a really hoppy ale. The hops are try tasteing and slightly bitter. This beer feels like it should be laboled as an IPA, because its really that hoppy. Theres some pretty nice malt in this beer too, it doesn’t stand too much but if you look for it you can apprecate it. The malt tastes really mellow but has an amber beer flavor to it. Although the malts feel mild, they really do effectively take about 70% of the bitterness away. The hops them selfs are decent tasteing but i would deffanely perfer our local colorado hops over thease, there dry and west coast tasting.  Overall this is a pretty good pale style ale, i expecally like the malt in it but it couldn’t hurt to have some diffrent hops.

Hop Devil Ale by Victory (7.3/10)


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