IPA by Stone

If beer companies where music genere’s Stone would be metal… metal as fuck. Every time in the past ive had the beers have been epicly brutal. The first time i ever had it was an aragent bastard pint and i could hardly finish it, of course this is back when i first started getting into microbrews and hadn’t had that much experience with IPAs yet. Lets find out how the standard IPA is by Stone.

The hops in this IPA are extremely oringal, theres nothing i’ve reviewed with a flavor like thease. The beer is bold, bitter and brutal and i don’t mean that in a bad way at all. The bitterness in this beer is absolutely one of a kind, extremely unique and extremely flavorful, i acctully like it and i usually don’t like bitterness. The hops arn’t bad eather, there not as bold as the bitterness but they are nice. The beer also drinks super light, makes me feel like theres almost no malt at all, if thats the case, the bitterness isn’t nearly as strong as you’d expect. What makes the IPA stone great is unique hop characteristics in this beer. Its a pretty good IPA and quite oringal.

IPA by Stone (8.3/10)


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