08 Notion by Magic Hat

This is another on my summer review series on the east coast. Magic hat brewery is a local favortie here so i picked up the sampler so i could give it a try.

Notion is a darker light ale that has a bit of a citrusy flavor to it. This beer reminds me of a shawartz bier with the malts being alot lighter than any other one i have had. This beer also has a bit of limon citrus flavor to it that kind of hangs around during the whole thing, the limon flavor really makes this beer feel like a summer beer. A Summer Shawartz… quite possablity one of the oddest combinations i’ve heard of, mixing extreme light and dark. Notion is pretty good, the malt satisfys and limon flavor isn’t so strong it makes the beer boreing. I think its a nice combination but i wish it was just a little thicker.

08 Notion by Magic Hat (7.8/10)

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