American Ale by Budweiser

I’m back after my few long break from doing reviews. Work and school have kept me from making any posts.

I’ve seen this advertised on tv alot lately so i decided i’d pick one up, after all shock top was also made by bud and that wasn’t bad. American ale is a very smooth and mellow ale. It really doesn’t have much complexity or a whole lot of flavor coming from any direction. It comes on with a very small amount of bitterness thats acctully kinda sour but is quickly killed by the malt. The malt in this one is good and it does seem to linger with a really mild after taste, its pretty nice. The only issue i can really find with this beer is right after the malt comes on theres a bit of a grainy taste like PBR. This is a very mild ale, theres nothing that really jumps out at you. I think one word could easily sum up the way i feel about this one: Boreing. It is really balanced and i’ll give it that but it just doesn’t excite me.

American Ale by Budweiser (4.6/10)

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