2Below Ale by New Belgium

Its the best time of year again for beer lovers, all the octoberfest martzens and the fantastic winter warmers are hitting the shelfs again.

2Below is a really nice ale, its well balanced but still intresting to drink. The hops are mild, theres no real strong amount of bitterness in this brew however supriseily theres not really a strong amount of malt eather to cancel out the bitterness, its just mild on its own. This brew has a mild roasted taste thats really just fantastic. The roasted flavor really takes care of the bitterness in a very unique way. This beer tastes like its ALOT darker than it actually is, if i didn’t actually see the color of the beer just going by taste it would remind me of a really light porter. This beer also has a really nice aftertaste that again reminds me of a much darker beer, its roasted and sweet and i just love it.

2Below Ale by New Belgium (8.6/10)

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