Dragons Gold by Bard’s Tale Beer

First off smelling this beer it has a very strong aroma of a scottich ale but it’s acctully a rather light beer. Its not just light in apperance eather, its actually extremely light, but its more european light rather than the american pilsiners i’d usually think of when i think of a really light beer. This beer does taste really european, it tastes like cheaper belgian beer in belgium. This brew has no aftertaste, actually it feels like the taste drops off early in it too, i drink it, i get the hops a quick hint of malt then its all gone, it almost seems like this beer is watery. I do feel like i’m being harsh though, this isn’t a bad beer at all, its just really light, if you want to drink quite a few beers in one night this beer might be a good choice because its so light. For me i just feel like its too light, it just doesn’t do it for me.

Dragons Gold by Bard’s Tale Beer  (4.6/10)


2 thoughts on “Dragons Gold by Bard’s Tale Beer

  1. Alex says:

    Hey – why did you stop reviewing? Keep going man!

  2. jgammeter says:

    don’t worry i’m gonna start up again very soon, i’m actually planning a trip to belgium where i should be able to write at least 50 reviews.

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