Bigfoot Ale by Sierra Nevada

iphone_picIts been far too long since I’ve worked on the page and that’s about to change. I’m currently planning a trip to Belgium to work on the page and of course to vacation, and hopefully a .com and a new theme are going to be happening in the near future.

Bigfoot is a limited edition beer from sierra Nevada and man is it good. Its a barely wine which is basically a strong ale, this one has some great character though. Its hops are bold, real bold. They almost remind me of an IPA in the strength of the hops. Its not as bitter as you’d think however for the strong hop flavor this one is packing. Theres not much malt to be found in the flavor dispite its redish color, you can taste a little after the hoppy flavor settles down a bit but its only there for a short amount of time. The hops are kind of sweet and almost kind of earthy, there really tastey.

Bigfoot Ale by Sierra Nevada (8.6/10)


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