Miller(MGD) Vs Budweiser Vs Coors

Thease american beers are in a league of there own, there not micro brews or imports, there domesics so i need to group them all together. Also to be fair i can’t use any light beers with non light beers (thats not fair is it) and lastly because i’m compareing beers and since there all fairly similar i’ll have to do a blind taste test-the pepsi challange.

What i found between the three is that: Coors is a light beer that has a midium amount of lager flavor. Budweiser has little to no flavor at all, its almost compareable to water. Lastly miller is a good beer with a good deal of lager flavor (compared to the other two). Heres the final rankings

1)  Miller Genuine Draft

2) Coors

3) Budweiser

There it is, the cheapest beer is the best. I left paps out for three reasons, the first being the liquorstore was out the second being its already my favortie for a light domesic brew, lastly i would be able to pick it out in a blind taste test to thats not fair eather.

Light American Domestic Beer (4.0/10)

2 thoughts on “Miller(MGD) Vs Budweiser Vs Coors

  1. Robert says:

    Taste preferences for beer can vary much the same way some people like Pepsi and others Coke. I would place Budweiser, The King of Beers, last in this group just as you have, but I disagree with placing MGD first. I like the beer, but Miller’s proprietary cold filtering process somehow does not produce a beer that tastes better than Coors Banquet Beer. Coors states that they use high country barley and Rocky Mountain water in brewing and I think that is what makes the taste better than MGD in spite of the cold filtering. Like so many foods, it’s the ingredients that matter most.

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