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PhotobucketI’m 22 and i live in Louisville, CO but its basically East Boulder. I’m in college and I’ve changed majors so many times i dono what i even am going for anymore. Currently however i’m getting computer certs and hoping that someday i can get a job for apple. However in the past i’ve taken tons of acting classes and flying lessons for airplanes (yes i’ve flown a plane).

I’m an extremely big fan of micro brews and just brewing in general. My Favorite Types Beers are dark beers and Belgian style white (wheat) beers. My Favorite local Brewer’s are Flying dog (local for now), New Belgium, Left Hand, and Boulder Beer.

I’ve been trying to compile a list of the most authentic Belgian beers i can get in my area and so far I’ve had 3 entries.

1. White Rascal by Avery

2. Trippel by New Belgium

3. Haystack Wheat by Left Hand Brewing

My other interests are:

i have a VW GTI 1.8tPhotobucket

and a VERY modded Ford Focus 2.0Photobucket

-Computers – i’m currently working on a server to run this web page from and will eventually be changing the websites address to http://www.brewskiguide.com someday. I’ve been working with computers since a very young age, i installed my first ISA SVGA video card in a 33mhz computer from 1989, i was 6 at the time. and since then I’ve built over 17 computers in the 16 years I’ve been working on them. I just recently constructed my newest Quad core Computer.

-Traveling – My favorite thing in the world is travel. However due to money constraints that isn’t what i can do all day everyday. I’ve been to Amsterdam NL, Paris FR, Toronto CA, Brussels BE, Los Angeles CA, St. Louis MO, Kansas City MO/KS, Milwaukee WI, St Paul/Minneapolis MN and Denver CO. I’m hoping to add tons of countries to that list, the next few i plan to visit when money allows is: Ireland, England, Scotland, Germany, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.


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