XXXX Wrasslers Full Stout By The Porterhouse Brewing Co.

ImageThis super dark stout has a really chocolatey armoa as that you’ll notice as soon as you open the bottle. The bottle also had one of the neatest bottle caps i’ve ever seen, it has this little tap that pops the bottle, I’ve never seen one like it before.

When i poured it even the foam from the beer was a really dark brown, this got me excited. The beer it’s self is smooth and surprisingly light. The chocolatey malt flavor comes through as soon as it hits your tongue. It finishes with a really dry hop flavor that lingers after you swallow. I gotta say, the after taste is a little more bitter than i would like, however it just urges you to take another sip and wash lingering dry hoppy flavor away with that burst malt you get when you take another sip.

This is a pretty good stout, i think i like it a lot more than Guinness however i can think of a few Colorado stouts that i would prefer over this one. It’s nice but that after taste is so damn dry, it really brings down the entire beer.

XXXX Wrasslers Full Stout By The Porterhouse Brewing Co. –  (6.8/10)


Springboard Ale by New Belgium

PhotobucketSpringboard by New Belgium is a mix of 2 ales almost completely a brew made with wormwood, lycium and schisandra and 2% ale in oak berrels. Its interesting its brewed with wormwood because thats the hallucinogenic in absinthe.This beer has a wierd balance of flavor, one of the flavors almost tastes like its from India (apparently its from china). This beer is pretty decent, its well balanced but the odd flavors just throw me off i think. Its also a little light for me. It feels like a lot of the flavor thats there has been filtered too much too. Theres a bit of lime like taste throughout most of the flavor. It has a really odd sweet finish too right before the aftertaste, its like grainy sweet, its kinda nice. However i will say this, for a spring beer i think this one is great, but i usually don’t like spring beers, its more the style i don’t like than anything.

Springboard Ale by New Belgium (6.9/10)

Powder Hound Winter Ale by Big Sky Brewing Co.

PhotobucketLast of the winter seasonals are being bought up so i figured i’d pick this up.

This beer is an ale. Its pretty balanced with its hops and malts. When i first cracked this pen and tasted it, it was a pretty big letdown, theres really nothing winter tasting to it in my opinion. However, just because its not a winter beer doesn’t make it bad. The taste come in really mellow but quickly shifts to an almost sharp hoppy flavor but immediately its drown out by a malt flavor that completely balances it. Truthfully however thats reading pretty deep into it, this ale is a lot like most other ales, pretty good. Theres just nothing that sets this one apart from others, which i find a little disappointing. Its an average ale and not much more.

Powder Hound Winter Ale by Big Sky Brewing Co. (5/10)

Levity by O’dell Brewing co.

PhotobucketLevity is an amber ale but its pretty light. It goes down really smooth and easy and has a nice little hoppy freshness as it enters your mouth. Unfortunately that little burst is most of the flavor, it has pretty much no aftertaste so you don’t get a nice lingering beer taste in your mouth. The other problem i have with this beer is there really isn’t any malt flavor at all, which i feel would be the one thing that could complement this beer a lot. On the other hand i realize that, that isn’t what the brewery was going for, they wanted a super light amber beer and they did make that. Its just with the hops used in this, it feels unbalanced without a nice malt flavor to follow it in the aftertaste.

Levity by O’dell Brewing co. (4.4/10)

West Coast I.P.A. by Green Flash Brewing Co.

PhotobucketAnother IPA tonight, i dono why. Today has been pretty weird i got 6 fillings so i have a bit of a headache tonight. I decided to take the dive again and go for an ipa, because i’m still trying to understand why this is biggest favortie for beer enthusiasts.

This beer has a pretty decent hoppy taste, i mean, don’t get me wrong its strong like ipa strong but it lacks ipa bitterness. the aftertaste is really clean but it does leave you with that kinda bitter ipa taste but not nearly as bad as most ipa’s. Its also a very copper colored beer which is kinda odd for an ipa which are usually very light. The high point of this beer is when it first enters your mouth, your blessed with a very strong however not really that bad, i mean its still uber bitter but its drinkable. To me though, its still just a little too bitter, i really don’t like ipa’s except for a select few. On another note though, for how light this beer is going down it packs quite a punch for its alc. content.

West Coast I.P.A. by Green Flash Brewing Co. (4.3/10)

Garde Dog (Biere de garde) by Flying dog Brewery

Photobucketi think this maybe the first seasonal I’ve seen from flying dog also on top of that its a biere de garde, for those who don’t know thats a very rare style of French beer that is a lot like a pale ale. it was originally made in case the other beer they made would go bad. Basically, its beer for keeping.

This beer comes on with a fairly intense french style hop taste, the best thing i could compare it to would be 1664, its got that really dry hop taste to it (not to be confused with dry hopped taste). If you let it sit in your mouth you can just taste the French beer style. Brings me back to drinking in Britange in France last summer. Although to tell you the truth i feel that this beer is better than most of the French beers i had wile i was in France, wile i don’t think most of them where in this style and where just lagers, they still have a very familiar taste that other French beers have. The beer finishes off very light and leaves only a very slight bitter taste in your mouth that isn’t as bitter as a pale ale. This beer is also EXTREMELY light however it doesn’t lack any flavor because of it, it still has a nice hoppy taste to it so it doesn’t disappoint. I think theres a lot to this beer if you know how to look hard enough.

Garde Dog (Biere de garde) by Flying dog Brewery (7.2/10)

I also really respect flying dog for there use of an old style you can’t really find here in the states.

Alaskan Amber by Alaskan Brewing co.

PhotobucketFor the last few days i’ve been talking about how i’ve wanted to try an alaskan beer, next thing i know i walk in to a liquer store and find one!

This is a really nice amber beer with a very light flavor thats nice and malty and goes down smooth. There isn’t too much complexity however the flavor thoughout is very good. The choice of hops also agree with the malts makeing them very mild but there, with no bitterness. What stands out the most is the nice malt flavor to it, its not as strong as a porter but it packs some pretty good malt flavor for how light it is.

Alaskan Amber by Alaskan Brewing co. (7.0/10)

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