Maple Ale by Tommyknocker Brewery

iphone_picThe maple ale is very sweet, it seems like its a brown ale going by the flavor but it could just be the maple in it. This is a fairly thick ale and isn’t light at all. Its got tons of flavor throughout, all of which are actually unusal. The maple deffnately makes it sweet but it doesn’t taste like maple syrup, its more of a ferminted tasted so its not as sweet and alot ligher. There is a good deal of malt in here and it leaves a nice sweet aftertaste. This beer in terms of sweetness is almost like a porter or a stout, its not bad though, its just not what you’d expect from an ale.

Maple Ale by Tommyknocker Brewery (8.0/10)


Ornery Amber Lager by Tommyknocker brewery

iphone_picThis amber is nice and light with a really great crispness to it. The malts come though nicely and this beer isn’t hoppy at all. The malt is a nice light roasted flavor and is really quite good. Over all this beer is really good, however besides the crispness it has, it really doesn’t have any qualities which stand out over each other, its an extremely balanced amber lager and really is quite tasty.

Ornery Amber Lager by Tommyknocker brewery (8.2/10)

Miller(MGD) Vs Budweiser Vs Coors

Thease american beers are in a league of there own, there not micro brews or imports, there domesics so i need to group them all together. Also to be fair i can’t use any light beers with non light beers (thats not fair is it) and lastly because i’m compareing beers and since there all fairly similar i’ll have to do a blind taste test-the pepsi challange.

What i found between the three is that: Coors is a light beer that has a midium amount of lager flavor. Budweiser has little to no flavor at all, its almost compareable to water. Lastly miller is a good beer with a good deal of lager flavor (compared to the other two). Heres the final rankings

1)  Miller Genuine Draft

2) Coors

3) Budweiser

There it is, the cheapest beer is the best. I left paps out for three reasons, the first being the liquorstore was out the second being its already my favortie for a light domesic brew, lastly i would be able to pick it out in a blind taste test to thats not fair eather.

Light American Domestic Beer (4.0/10)

Double White by Southampton

iphone_picThis is a really odd beer, when i read the name i expected to have a pretty typical wheat beer but this is anything but. Its light and refreshing and has some fruit flavoring but there not really overpowering and really help to enhance the wheat taste. The limon in it almost comes though more than the orange which makes it crisp. You can still taste the orange though, and its much more mellow than most wit beers. This is a really great light wheat beer, what i really like is that it takes its own approach unlike alot of brewerys that all have very similar wheat beers.

Double White by Southampton (7.9/10)

Single-Wide IPA by Boulevard

iphone_picThis IPA is pretty unique, the hops don’t really come on as strong as most others but it still has a pretty strong bitterness. The hops are there but there mellow, there more of a sweet and suttle taste to the hops, which is overpowered almost imedately by this beer’s bitterness. That to me seems to be the problem with this one, the bitterness overpowers everything.

Single-Wide IPA by Boulevard(5.6/10)

Altbier by Southampton

iphone_picTruthfully this might be the first Altbier I’ve had. Before i looked it up i felt this beer was very lagery but it’s no surprise considering an Altbier is basically a really old form of brewing lager. This beer is really crisp and really light. Right off the bat I’m reminded of Heineken however this is more crisp and alot less skunky. Its easily as light as a blonde or a pils but its actually more flavorful than most of those that i’ve had. More so than anything i find this beer refreshing, this would be a greally great beer to drink during the summer. Its light but it’s tastey and refreshing.

Altbier by Southampton (8.5/10)

India Pale Ale by Southampton

iphone_picThis is a milder IPA from the east coast. The hops don’t really come on overly strong and there’s not really any strong bitterness to it. This would be a good IPA for someone that doesn’t really like IPAs. This beer is more dry than bitter, Its nothing like a west coast IPA. The hops are extremely mild and get washed out fairly quickly by the malt. The malt too is very mild and doesn’t really linger. This beer leaves you with an after taste that’s almost similar to Pap’s Blue, just slightly more bitter. Personally i prefer the more hop dominant IPA’s but this one would be good for a beginner to IPA’s.

India Pale Ale by Southampton (6.8/10)